Solar Sprout 

Buffalo, NY

This past April 28th, the University of Buffalo team partnered with the Buffalo Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation to create a wheelchair accessible tabletop garden bed with a solar powered self watering system. The garden will now serve as a meeting space for the residents and will allow them to partake in a healthy and therapeutic outdoor hobby.

Over the course of six months, the ESW-UB team finalized their design, putting extra work into the electrical schematics behind the solar powered water pumps. And with the help of a grant from the Awesome Buffalo Foundation, they were able to make their vision come to life.

On the rainy morning of April 28th, the ESW-UB team trucked all of their supplies to the Buffalo Center and started to assemble their design. Over the course of many hours, the team put together the table/garden structure, solar panels & wiring, and the rainwater catching system. By the end of the day, the Buffalo Center was left with an amazing foundation for their outdoor space.

Please see below for some pictures from this past April’s ESW Build Day in Buffalo, NY!

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